The Magic Bullet


Sierra Ungerman, Staff Writer

The Magic Bullet costs anywhere from $85 – $120 and is just one of the many options that the NutriBullet offers. The Bullet has a 200-Watts Motor and has a capacity of 250 ml and 500 ml cups. It comes in a silver, consumer friendly, easy to clean appliance. It is very powerful and definitely worth the purchase.

The Bullet has helped me incorporate more greens such as spinach, kale, and broccoli. It grinds up stem-like food very well and pretty quickly. I can put my food in the Bullet and walk away for 2-3 minutes without having to worry about a mess when I return. The cups that come with the Bullet are also very convenient. Everything about this kitchen machine is pleasing to the customer. The only set back that I experienced was that like most machines it does need time to cool down if you are using it to make multiple smoothies at once. However, the cool down period is for less than a minute! So, I still think it is efficient and consumer-friendly.

Is the Magic Bullet the best “bang for your buck”? Along with the power base you will receive a cross blade, flat blade, tall cup, short cup, two stay-fresh resealable lids, Magic Bullet 10 Second Recipe Book, shaker top, steamer top, and four party mugs with comfort lip rings. You definitely get your “bang for your buck”!

It claims to have no competition to any other product that breaks down plant-like foods. The Ninja is a similar product that also grinds up plant-like food. Lacking flexibility in ways such as the blade, the Ninja falls behind the Bullet. The Bullet provides two interchangeable blades. Is there competition? Yes! I have never used the Ninja before, but the Ninja also provides various speeds and the Bullet is a one-speed system. The prices do vary, however. Both can be found online at websites like amazon for significantly lower prices and also there are often sales on both products in retail stores. Even with a sale or reduced price, the Bullet is still cheaper by about $40.

I would highly recommend the Magic Bullet because it keeps up with today’s busy lifestyle. If you are someone that is always on the go like myself, this product is perfect for making those quick smoothies and nutritious shakes!