How to Ask a Girl to Prom

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Andrew Vojtko, Features Editor

Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? You need to leave your date clues that lead to one another that will eventually lead them to you holding some flowers with a sign that says, “Prom?” I know that this can be time consuming and difficult to make, but your girl will be so amazed that you went through all the trouble to make the scavenger hunt that there is no way she will say no.


You need to find what your date’s favorite food or restaurant is. Once you have this information you need to visit the restaurant ahead of time and ask them to display the food in a fun way asking your date to prom. Your date will be so amazed by the food that she will say, “yes”, for sure.


I know this may be a little more expensive than the other ways to ask, but hopefully you’re date is worth it. You need to find out what pair of shoes that your date likes and cop those things right away. Once you have the shoes you need to get a poster board and write, “It would be awesome if we could kick it at prom together :).” Absolutely no way she will say no.


This way is very inexpensive and easy to do and you will have a crowd of people to see how cool you are. You must play a sport to do this one. Make sure you wear a shirt under your uniform that says, “Prom?” on it. After your game is over, walk over to your date that was hopefully watching you play, take off your uniform, and show her your undershirt. She will be so embarrassed that she can’t say no.


This option is only for people that can sing. If you cannot sing do not try this. If you can sing, write your date a song about her. At the end of your song you ask her to prom. Make sure that the song is specific to the girl you are asking and not just a general love song.


This option is a risky one but if you’re date loves pets this is perfect for you. Run on over to animal friends and get you’re date a little, adorable kitten along with a little sign that says, “Prom?” There is absolutely no way that she can say no because if she does, she can’t keep the kitten.

Straight up Ask Her

I know this sounds crazy, but instead of doing a lot of completely unnecessary things, you could just walk up to her and ask her in person. It’s a lot less romantic and fun, but it gets the job done.