We Should Hang Out Sometime

We Should Hang Out Sometime

Emily Donovan, News Editor

There’s a good chance you or someone you know has had a terribly awkward dating experience. It happens to the best of us. Josh Sundquist, author of We Should Hang Out Sometime, has certainly had his fair share of dating disasters. He may have come up with the best pickup line (the title of the book), but that hasn’t necessarily helped him find love. In this new young adult non-fiction novel, the reader joins Josh as he looks back on his mistakes and contemplates ways to avoid them in the future.

At the beginning of the book, fourteen-year-old Josh attempts to date a family friend named Sarah. Like many eighth grade relationships, the affair only lasts for a day and Sarah’s friend breaks up with Josh for her. The next year, Josh tries to date Liza Taylor. They don’t meet in person until a youth group Halloween party, shortly after which she stops talking to him. Throughout the rest of high school, Josh’s dating life is pretty much dead on arrival. From an awkward miniature golf incident to an uncomfortable prom night, all of Josh’s attempts at romance fail. In college, Josh continues to struggle.

We Should Hang Out Sometime is divided up into multiple sections, with one section devoted to each of Josh’s love interests. Each girl’s section is then divided into three parts. In the “Background,” Josh tells the story of what happened with each girl. Next, he guesses what went wrong in the “Hypothesis” section. Finally, in the “Investigation,” Josh tells the reader about how he tracked down each girl, asked her about their failed relationship, and what the girls said in response. Only after he talks to the last of his prospective girlfriends does Josh realize the true reason none of his relationships worked out.

As someone whose bookshelves are lined with Young Adult novels, I was pleased to read something a little out of the ordinary like We Should Hang Out Sometime. “Based on a true story” are words I always love to hear. I could sympathize with Josh, unlike some other stories that exaggerate tales of romance. Reading about Josh’s mishaps made me feel better about myself, too. It’s reassuring to know I’m not the only one who embarrasses myself like this.

Overall, We Should Hang Out Sometime is a cute, easy-to-read book that I would recommend to people of all ages. Josh Sundquist’s sense of humor and storytelling style set his book apart from the rest. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars; it is definitely worth the read.