Kentucky vs. The World


Andrew Feltz, Opinions Editor

March Madness starts this week, and thus begins the agonizing period of making a bracket. People will spend hours analyzing teams: looking at their records, injuries, and listening to what the experts say. They will decide on whether a #12 seed can beat a #5, a #16 vs. #1, and so on. They will have to ponder whether Kentucky can complete their perfect season and win it all. Basically, the only one that matters is that last one. When making a bracket, all anyone should think about is will Kentucky pull it off or not.

This year’s March Madness has no clear favorite besides Kentucky. There are the other higher seeds, but no one that stands out. The team that stands in the way of Kentucky’s bid for a championship the most is Duke. But they will only meet in the championship game, if they make it that far. Odds are that more than half of the nation will have Kentucky win their bracket, because who else will?

It is like the game show “1 vs. 100,” except it is 1 vs. 63 teams. As time goes on people will be rooting for Kentucky, just so they can “run the table;” or they will root against them, and hope that they fail. Either way, fans will see Kentucky go deep in this year’s tournament.   This March is Kentucky’s to lose.