American Field Service Gets International


Jake Heinauer, Editor-In-Chief

On Wednesday, March 11th the American Field Service Club will host its annual International Dinner in the high school cafeteria.

This year, however, will feature even more foods than usual. In the past students bringing food to the international dinner needed to bring food from the language they were enrolled in, this year however students will be able to bring foods from either their language taken in school or food from their heritage. Which will allow for foods from more than French, German, Spanish, and Italian cultures.

Another difference this year will be the addition of students from the entire school. In the past, students who wished to participate in the International Dinner had to take a language, this year the event will be open to the entire student body.

The event will also feature entertainment. AFS has reached out to students who may want to sing, perform a skit, dance or read poetry. All students are encouraged to participate, and to do so you can either perform or bring a dish.

Herr Deible, the club sponsor, said the main reason to attend the event is because “the world isn’t going to get smaller for you, the only way to explore it is to get out there and try new things”, and trying different and exciting foods is a definitely a way of ‘getting out there’.

Forms for the dinner are available in Herr Deible’s room in the World Language Wing of the Junior High.