Best Dressed; Oscars to Prom

Sydney Brown , Editor-in-Chief

This year I found the fashion at the Academy Awards underwhelming. Aside, from Lady Gaga’s red rubber gloves (which for her were subdued), there were few fashion moments to be awed by.  I believe that fashion risks are meant to be taken and was somewhat bored by this year’s red carpet.

However, there is still a lesson to be learned. There certainly was not a shortage of celebrities that looked beautiful. While the choices were overall safer, the gowns were classy and complimented each guest well. It was a night that carefully followed the rule of, “wear the dress, don’t let the dress wear you.” If you aren’t one for taking risks this is a rule you should follow as prom season approaches. The best way to avoid looking back at prom pictures ten years from now and cringing is to keep your look classic and to worry first and foremost how the dress looks, on you.

The consensus seems to be that the stars in the photos above were the best dressed of the night. They’re paired with prom dresses to show how these stars’ looks can serve as your inspiration as the prom dress hunt begins.