Valentine’s Day: A Hallmark Holiday

photo from imp

Elizabeth Nicodemus, Copy Editor

Every year people buy cards, flowers, chocolates, and countless amounts of jewelry for their significant others for Valentines Day. Why spend all that money for just a day? You can easily buy someone you love candy or flowers any other time during the year. For me, I think Valentine’s Day is just a way for companies to try and sell their products. Companies are just trying to get more customers to buy cards or candy. The pressure for couples to give each other amazing gifts is way too much. There is no need for people to try and get each other these kinds of gifts for just one day!

Don’t go buying expensive gifts for your significant other just yet. Chances are, they may not like the holiday at all. Sure, some girls obsess over the fact that they can get great gifts from their boyfriends. But most girls think that it’s not all that important and shouldn’t be considered a holiday. The pressure to buy extravagant gifts is way too much. I mean, guys might love spoiling their girls, but the chances are that they don’t.

Personally, I don’t see the need to spend a ton of money for just a day in February. For most people, Valentine’s Day is just that: a day. Sure, you can spoil people and watch chick flicks and get candy on sale, but is it really worth it? I don’t think it is. If you are in a relationship with someone and you see something at the mall that makes you instantly think of them, buy it for them. Impromptu gifts are much more heartfelt than getting a gift for just a day in February. Honestly, Valentine’s Day doesn’t live up to all the hype it receives. A day for love– really? This Valentine’s Day, take a moment to realize that it’s just a normal day and not worth all the money people spend on it.