North Hills Competitive Cheer Team “RAH”cks It


Jackie Bradshaw, Entertainment/ Student Life Editor

The North Hills Competitive Cheer Team is a team most North Hills students don’t know about. The competitive team started in 2013. That year, they only made it to the PIAA State Championships in Hershey. This year, fourteen hard working girls have put forth a ton of effort and have been selected to compete in Florida for Americheer. This year coaches Ms. Abbott and alumni Kaitlin Graph, have chosen to showcase the team as non-tumbling. Since there is no tumbling, hard detailed work is put into the stunts, cheers, and dance. Seniors Jordan Linder and Bridget MacPhearson stated that, “Since we are non-tumbling, our stunts have improved a lot, we would say they get better and better on a week to week basis.”

This year the team has made it to the WPIAL championship, won 2nd place at the South Hills Show Down at Bethel Park, and 3rd at IUP State Championship. The team is very dynamic; the routine gets changed weekly and sometimes right before competitions. The team has done a few fundraising events such as, Fun Pasta, Mixed Bags, and they participated in THON. Since June, the team has been practicing hard to work towards making it to the Florida competition they will be attending. There is a possible competition on March 8th, the last chance for the girls to get a bid to pay for their trip. These girls practice multiple times a week and dedicate a large sum of time to this team. If you see any of these girls in the halls, give them a cheer for their dedication and improvement.