How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Alone

How to Celebrate Valentines Day Alone

Lyra Hartlein, Entertainment Editor

As we all know, Valentine’s Day is approaching. The “holiday” of love is here and all single men and women are grieving, but my question is…why? Why are the single people left out in the cold? When you hear the words “Valentine’s Day,” you think of spending it with a significant other, but you are supposed to spend it with someone you love… so who better to spend it with than yourself? I have a guide for all you single ladies, and men, out there for this Valentine’s Day.

First off, call off work right now, or at least call off for the night: you need enough time to spend with yourself. Secondly, stock up on every unhealthy food you can find. I’m talking chocolate, potato chips, tortilla chips, cookies, brownies, donuts, gummy bears, Sour Patch Kids, ANYTHING that contains sugar and salt. Also, don’t forget the sugary drinks like Coke (Coke over Pepsi every time), Dr. Pepper, Gatorade, Mountain Dew, etc. Next, find a collection of your favorite movies, lovey dovey or not, or just browse Netflix for hours. Note: Have at least five movies ready to watch or a TV series ready to binge watch for the night. If you have a pet, grab that sucker and make him/her cuddle you all through the night. And now, my favorite, put on the comfiest clothes you own, slap them on, and put your behind on your couch. It is time to enjoy your Valentine’s Day.

Now, doesn’t sitting on your couch, eating junk, and watching your favorite movies and TV shows sound much better than dressing up, going out to some crowded restaurant, having awkward dinner conservation, and then (this applies to the boys) paying for a meal that you and your date probably didn’t enjoy. Therefore, embrace your singleness and let everyone know you are a single woman/man who doesn’t need someone else to make Valentine’s Day special. You have all the love you need, and that love is from yourself. OWN IT. Happy Valentine’s Day, North Hills.