Teens For Jeans

photo courtesy of Aeropostale.

photo courtesy of Aeropostale.

Jenna Showalter, PR Editor

The brisk cold air of Pittsburgh grows colder every day and sadly there are people out there wearing clothing not suited for this weather. So, North Hills has decided to partake in a charity that partnered up with the clothing store Aeropostale to collect jeans for the homeless.


Teens for Jeans, created by DoSomething.org, have collected over millions of jeans throughout the years. The collection of these jeans has been given to homeless Americans to keep them dressed in the colder months. DoSomething.org partnered with Aeropostale to help collect more donations. Inside each store is a giant box that holds the jeans and with every donation a 20% coupon is given to the customer. The juniors clothing store holds a jean drive every year within their clothing store. The outcome is fantastic and the jeans are well worn by those who need them the most.


Now Ross Township’s Aeropostale holds a drive as well. Assistant manager of Ross Park Mall’s Aero, Kyle Auman, was willing to volunteer to be the organizer this year. “I decided to take on the challenge this year! My role models have even gotten their schools involved.” North Hills as well as other high schools and middle schools are holding the jean drive and are consistently collecting jeans. “Having schools involved helps grow the connection and donation total,” said the manager when questioned.


In our high school, the boxes are placed in the entrance to the Athletic Office for students to place their jeans in. Nutrition teacher Mrs. Patsilevas and Journalism teacher Ms. Kunselman are also holding boxes in their classrooms to collect donations. All jeans are appreciated! North Hills as well as Aeropostale in Ross Park will take any brand and any size jean to be taken to the homeless. There is also a prize when it comes to this certain charity. If North Hills collects the most jeans in this drive, the school earns scholarship money and a concert from the newest hit band The Vamps!


Now the drive doesn’t last long so hurry up and clean out those closets! The collections of all jeans ends on February 15, 2015 so bring in those jeans by the truckload. The feeing of giving old jeans to someone who truly needs them will give you some happiness in these gloomy winter months.