Best of the Super Bowl Commercials


Courtesy of Co.Create

Andrew Feltz, Opinion Editor

On February 1, 2015 over 100 million people crowded around their TV’s to witness one of America’s great traditions: The Super Bowl… commercials (and you could probably put the game itself up there too). Here is breakdown of the top 5 Super Bowl commercials this year:

  1. Human Pac-Man- Bud Light’s up for whatever slogan took a guy into a secret party where he played Pac-Man. Except, he was the Pac-Man. It made me be up for whatever happens next.
  1. Say My Name- Bryan Cranston reprises his role as Walter from Breaking Bad in Esurance’s bid for a memorable ad. He is a “pharmaceutical” worker filling in for some guy named Greg. When a woman comes back looking for a prescription, she meets her new pharmacist, Heisenberg.
  1. Doritos Airplane- Doritos again created a commercial that brings a few laughs. This one features a guy who does not want to give up the seat next to him on an airplane, until he sees a pretty woman walking down the aisle. He pulls out a bag a Doritos to get her to sit next to him. He is happy until he notices what she is carrying, her baby.
  1. The First Draft Ever- The first draft ever takes place in the Stone Age where countries are selecting things they want to be associated with; such as Australia selected the kangaroo. Former NFL players Doug Flutie and Jerry Rice are commentating during the draft. When Mexico is up they select the avocado, instead of the sombrero wearing polar bear, making avocados from Mexico the new party snack.
  1. Clash of Clans: Revenge- Liam Neeson goes into his Taken mold after someone from the popular mobile game destroys his village. He states, “You will regret the day you ever crossed: angryneeson52.”