German guest speaker coming to North Hills

Janelle Thompson, staff writer

Ruprecht Polenz, the former Chairman of the German Parliament’s Committee of Foreign Affairs, is coming to North Hills on October 3. He will be in the LGI room in the junior high to discuss the Israeli and Palestinian conflict.

Polenz is an expert on affairs in the Middle East. Students who are interested in current events, culture, or world affairs should attend to ask any questions. Students can ask for a permission slip from Herr Deible, Frau Stein, or the CRC.

The German Parliament’s Committee of Foreign affairs currently has 37 members. The Committee oversees Germany’s foreign policy by handling important choices about foreign and security problems. They make decisions such as whether or not the German Federal Government should deploy soldiers overseas. They usually work behind closed doors because the issues that they deal with are so sensitive, so seeing how the process works and asking questions is a great opportunity.