North Hills Astronomy Club invites the community to join them for viewing of solar eclipse

Emily Donovan, Staff Writer

The Astronomy Club would like to welcome anyone who is interested in seeing the upcoming partial solar eclipse to the North Hills High School parking lot on Thursday, October 23.

The eclipse will be visible from the hilltop in the evening. The event will begin at 4:30 and end at 6:00 pm. Telescopes and “eclipse shades” will be available for the public to use to safely view the eclipse. Astronomy Club members will be on hand to ensure everyone can watch without causing harm to their eyes.

Food will also be provided on the 23rd. The club will be holding a bake sale and expect vendors such as Frank’s Chicken and Pizza and the Taco Truck (often seen outside Coffee Buddha) to attend as well.

The eclipse viewing itself is free of cost. All profits made from the bake sale will go towards Astronomy Club activities.

“If you didn’t know about it, you might not notice it,” said Astronomy Club Advisor Mrs. Batson. “I’m hoping [this event] will gear people up for the total solar eclipse coming up…in 2017.”

If you are interested in learning more, the high school planetarium will be showing programs that focus on the eclipse throughout October. Those shows will be held on October 7, 10, and 15 at 6:30 and 7:15 pm. All planetarium shows are free but reservations are required. Reservations can be made through Mrs. Batson at 412-318-1000 ext. 3166 or [email protected].