Complaints cooking up in the cafeteria


Andrew Feltz

Alex Manjerovic demonstrates current cookie dismay.

Andrew Feltz, staff writer

For the 2014-2015 school year, North Hills High School removed their giant cookies from the snack line. Much to the dismay of their students, it was done in accordance to the nutrition standards of the Healthy Hungry Free Kids Act of 2010.

This Act and its Smart Snacks in School regulation applies to food sold in a la carte, vending machines, and to snack lines. It is part of the Obama Administration’s “Let’s Move” program to keep kids healthy and happy.

Since the disappearance of the cookies, the lunch snack line sales have gone down, and less people have shown interest in purchasing snacks. Students and teachers have stated their disappointment in the cookies being taken away, stating things like “I miss those cookies, dude,” and “They shouldn’t be gone.”

When asked how the removal of the giant cookies has impacted things, the lunch ladies declined to comment. The students of North Hills High School want to know: what is really going on in the cafeteria?