Pride. Tradition. Excellence. Dance Marathon?

This years Student Council representatives

Sam Greer

This year’s Student Council representatives

Sam Greer, Staff Writer

On January 17th through the 18th, the North Hills Hands for Service and Student Council are pairing with each other to raise money for both the Four Diamonds Fund and Make-a-Wish with a 12-hour dance Marathon. The dance will start following the Indians basketball game against Butler Golden Tornados on January 17th.

In order to participate, all students are required to donate a minimum of $100. There will be prizes for top donors on the North Hills Dance Marathon. All students that are participating are encouraged to dance or “stand” through all 12 hours of dancing.

The dance will be held in the Junior High Annex, but there will also be games and food in the Dungeon of the junior high that lets parents know they are more than welcome to come, eat, and cheer on their child! All proceeds will benefit institutions that provide children help along a trouble life when battling diseases such as cancer.

Make-a-Wish has been granting a variety of wishes for children that suffer from life threatening diseases. On average per year, Make-a-Wish granted more than 14,000 children’s wishes. The other institution that the proceeds go to is the Four Diamonds Fund. The Four Diamonds Fund has been assisting families that have a child or children that are force to deal with the harshness of cancer. The students of North Hills High School are very excited to be organizing an event like such, but they need much more help this to make it a success. They will be accepting donations until January 18th at 10 a.m., just before the dance comes to a close.