Senior Trip: A Few Things to Think About

Haley Brennfleck, Layout Editor

I know a lot of seniors are looking forward to graduation just because they leave for Ocean City the next day. There are certain things you may not know or were wondering about.

Taking the bus vs. driving down yourself:

Taking the bus is a much safer way of traveling to the beach with a group of friends. Yeah, it can be a little pricey, but you’re probably saving money not having to stop and get gas multiple times. Others may think, “Well, what are you going to do for transportation down there?” The bus that runs down in Ocean City comes to the bus stop every fifteen minutes! It’s only $3 for riding the bus the whole day, or $1 for each ride. The weather is going to be beautiful, so you can even walk to your destination. Verdict: Take the bus.

Buying groceries here vs. buying them down there:

Obviously, we are going to need to eat for the week we are down there. Now that we are on our own with no parents around, we will have to depend on ourselves to provide three meals a day. Wow. Buying groceries before you leave might be a struggle because then you have to worry about transporting all the food safely on the bus. You would have to use coolers to store water bottles and some food that needs to be kept cold. If you wait until you get down there to purchase the food, you can have a fun trip to the grocery store and not have to worry about traveling with it. Verdict: Grocery shop in OC.

Staying on the lower half of the streets vs. the higher half:

When you’re down in Ocean City, you want to enjoy your time with your friends and have a lot of fun. If you stay on the lower streets (30th and under), you will be in the middle of all the fun! With all of the good shops and the boardwalk down there, you are in the center of it all. If you are staying on the higher streets, you are out of the loop and you will struggle waiting for the bus to get down to where everyone wants to be. Verdict: Stay below 30th Street.

So here are some things to think about while planning for your trip. There are only a few more weeks until it’s finally here. Seniors, enjoy the last weeks of high school and have a fun, safe trip!