Eat This, Not That

Jess Porter, Copy Editor


Eat this: 8 Piece Chicken Nuggets

Not that: Chicken Caesar Cool Wrap

Why: There are few nuggets that register lower on the calorie scale. The truth is, wraps are almost always worse than a regular sandwich. Tortillas are massive vessels that add more calories than buns.


Eat this: Crispy Steak Tacos

Not that: Chicken Soft Tacos

Why: Crispy tacos have 75 fewer calories than soft tacos. People always assume that steak is worse, but that’s not always the case. At Chipotle, the chicken actually has 10 more calories than steak.


Eat this: Single Burger with Everything

Not that: Chicken Club Sandwich

Why: Chicken doesn’t always trump beef, especially when it’s dressed with cheese, bacon, and mayo. Nix the mayo and use ketchup.


Eat this: Roast Beef Sub

Not that: Tuna Mini Sub

Why: The Roast Beef Sub has more fiber, protein, and nutrients, thanks to the veggies.


Eat this: Chicken McNuggets with Apple Dippers

Not that: Chicken Select Premium Breast Strips

Why: The select chicken strips have a thick layer of crunchy breading, which puts them at 133 calories per strip, while one nugget is 45 calories.