You and Your College Roommate

Audrey Domasky, Staff Writer

Do you know the best way to save money, test your patience and possibly drive yourself insane? Get a roommate! Honestly, the most frightening part about heading off to college is not knowing who you will be spending the next four or so years with. If you have never shared a room with a sibling, the thought of this experience can be quite exciting. However, for the rest of us that had to cram the bunk beds, toys, clothes, etc. into the tiniest of spaces, we know what we are in for. Whether you are prepared or not, what you will experience next year in regards to roommates will either turn into the best experience of your life or a nightmare you are far too eager to wake up from. The best way to not come home crying every weekend from your awful college experience is to know how to deal with your living partner and how not to be a dreadful roommate.

Obviously, since there are so many different personality types on ye ol’ planet Earth, the chances of getting a roommate completely like yourself is pretty much impossible. You may end up in a room with a neat freak, a total slob, a party animal, a drama queen—the list could go on and on…and on. Even if you “found” a roommate through social media, you could still be in trouble.

So you have been at college for a few weeks now, and you are already having meltdowns due to your roommate’s bad habits. The number one step towards solving the problem is to TALK to your roommate. For the most part, your mate may not even know that what they are doing is causing a problem. (Tip: Do not approach this step in an unnecessarily angry or incredibly passive-aggressive fashion. These are both annoying and ineffective.)

More times than not, the problem should now be on its way to being solved. However, there are plenty of stubborn people out there, and one of them might just be your roommate. If an end to this conflict or bad habit is nowhere in sight, it’s time for a different adjustment. The cold hard truth is that maybe…it’s you. Are you easily annoyed? Egocentric? Introverted? Just not ready to share much of your life with new person? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one, and there are definitely solutions.


The other half to having a successful year with your roommate is to be a good roommate yourself. Don’t be insensitive. Don’t hold grudges against your roommate. Don’t complain about them. Do respect your roommate’s personal space and belongings. Do try to involve yourself in their life. Do find out about each other’s interests and habits. Do understand that both of you are going to have struggles and bad days throughout the year. So yes, getting a roommate can be terrifying and exciting, but the best thing to do is look forward to spending a year with your roommate: creating memories, experiencing college for the first time, becoming friends, growing together, and just having a grand time at college!