3rd Annual “Rock the Hilltop” set for May 29


Sarah Robbins, Staff Writer

On Thursday, May 29, at 7 p.m., the third annual Rock the Hilltop concert will be held at the Middle School Amphitheatre. North Hills alumnus Chris Jamison will be headlining the event. Also students of the yearbook staff will be there for the first distribution of yearbooks.

Two people that have been helping to organize Rock the Hilltop are Joe Snyder and Paige Smith. Snyder has been helping out for two years and Smith has for all three. They both love helping with this awesome event and call it “chill” and “relaxing”. When asked for about the original creation of the event, Smith and Snyder said the school needed “something different to look forward to at the end of the year, and a second chance for the advanced guitar class to show people what they can do.”

Not only do we have Chris Jamison coming perform for us, but there will be all different genres of music represented, such as classical, rock, grunge, alternative, and country. Snyder and Smith are hoping for a large turn-out, saying, “There’s great music and lots of pizza. Also it’s a good time with your friends.”