Biggest Disappointments of Our High School Career

Mike Fidago, Staff Writer

1. North Hills- North Allegheny Football Game

The most hyped-up and possibly the most historic rival in Western Pennsylvania has not lived up to the buzz over the last three years. The Indians have not scored against North Allegheny since the 2011 regular season finale.


2. The removal of wallball from school lunches

This wildy popular after-lunch activity was banned the second semester our senior year. 🙁


3. Turning on the lights at junior high dances

There aren’t many bigger buzz-kills than trying to bust a move in complete lght with administration staring at you.


4. Injuries of Upperclassmen Athletes in 2014

Almost every team in the school suffered key injuries over the course of our senior year. Jake Bruder, Corey Bopp, Michael Danko, and myself missed significant time for football. One of the best players on the 2013 baseball team, Tyler Gonabe, tore his shoulder. Alex Bowen also missed most of the season with a torn labrum. Senior leader Ciara Barry tore ligaments in her ankle for girls’ basketball. Senior Captain Jess Porter also tore ligaments in her ankle during a varsity soccer game.


5. The student section at Boy’s Varsity basketball games

Even though a large group of seniors hyped up every game, most games drew fewer fans than the average rap battle in the student parking lot.


6. The DJs at dances 

I feel like most people would assume that when a DJ saw everyone stop dancing and blatantly stare up at the booth that he would consider changing the music, this is not so. Also, besides for DJ Sub-Z, who killed the throwback dance, the average birth year of our DJ is like 1965.


7. The deterioration of or school lunches

Being completely honest, our school lunches are significantly healthier than when we arrived in the Junior High. That being said pizzatas, chicken fryz, Italian wedge, and nacho day were the most popular lunches every month.


8. This List 

This list should have been way better.