Moreen McGrath

Moreen McGrath, Copy Editor

Name: Moreen McGrath

Grade: 12

Dream travel destination: Dubai, Tokyo, Rabat, and all of France

Future spouse: $$$$ Money $$$$

Dream job: Paint color/makeup color namer

Describe myself in three words: Swashbuckler, citrus-farmer, and surfer

Death row meal: As much mint chocolate chip ice cream and raw cookie dough as humanly possible, or as many avocados and sweet potato fries as they could bring to me

Average hours of sleep per night: Some godforsaken amount between one and three

Scariest experience: In tenth grade, I drank a whole pot of strong coffee in the course of one night in order to study for a Pitt Test for CHS Chemistry, and, even though I didn’t die, I have never been the same since.

Greatest accomplishment: One time when I was speaking French, I accidentally used the subjunctive correctly, and I swear I felt the planets align.

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Moreen McGrath