Alternative is the Best Genre


Riley O’Neil, Staff Writer

I believe that alternative/indie/folk rock and whatever other term you want to use, is the best genre of music. It has the best vibes when you put it on. One of the best parts of this genre is the musicality of it. The background instrumentals are so much better than other genres of music. The perfect guitar riff, drum solo, some keyboard, and even some violin just makes or breaks truly a great song or an okay song. It’s better than the lame beat that half of the rappers these days use. 

The lyrics of alternative rock music are also amazing. For instance, in country music all of the songs are about drinking a nice cold beer and driving a truck. It all sounds the same and has the same story line to the song. Pretty girl, nice truck, cold beer. That’s it.  Rap music can be inappropriate, provocative, or just not make sense. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely do love some rap music and artists, but to me the majority of it is just not good. Some of the rap artists that are my favorites are Mac Miller, Jay-Z, Post Malone and Eminem. I’m aware these can be considered “basic” or even “bandwagon” but I think they are all talented artists and better than most, considering that Mac Miller was one of my top artists last year. A lot of Mac Miller’s lyrics can be inappropriate,but he does have some amazing lines. I did attend the Post Malone concert also along with many others, but something about the smaller bands is better. You feel like you know everyone there and you can just relate to them through the music. It’s not that I am completely against rap or country music, it’s just not my favorite. I’m open to trying to listen and learn to love other genres but I don’t think that it will beat the alternative rock music that sits at my number one spot. 

In my opinion, Mt. Joy is the best alternative rock band. Their self titled album is my favorite and everyone should dedicate some time out of their day to give it a listen. This band just gives me that warm feeling that I’m looking for when listening to a song. It just feels right. You feel at home and at peace when one of their songs comes on. My two favorite songs by them are “I’m Your Wreck” and “Bug Eyes”. I can’t even describe the feeling these songs give me, they’re that good. The guitar in some of their songs is so good. And getting to experience them in concert was such a privilege to me. 

Another one of my favorite bands that fit into the genre of indie and alternative rock, would have to be The Head and the Heart. This band along with the others gives a similar vibe to the band The Lumineers, which a lot of people are familiar with. So if you like them I suggest you check these other artists out too. The Head and the Heart are so musically talented. I attended their concert this summer at Stage AE. “Let’s Be Still” is my favorite song by them. It has such a positive feeling to it that makes me want to be in the car, with the windows down, hair blowing in the wind and just screaming this song at the top of my lungs. Another favorite is the song “Rivers and Roads,” some people may know this one (a part of it was trending on TikTok, you might know it when you hear it.) I think that this song has almost a nostalgic feeling to it. The lyrics and instrumentals of this song are fantastic and by far one of my all time favorites, and I would do anything to listen to this song for the first time again. 

Another great band that I love is Dawes. Not very many people know of them. That makes me sad. My mom introduced me to them at a young age (along with most of all these other bands, thanks mom) and I’ve loved them ever since. My favorite song they sing is “All Your Favorite Bands”. The lead singer, Taylor Goldsmith, has an amazing voice. I started to love this band because of my mom, but I continued to love this band because of their music and the words to their songs. And being front row at their concert was unreal. 

These three bands are just some of my favorites. The only way I can even express my opinion on these amazing musicians is just the feeling I have when I listen to them. You have to just take it all in. They fill this void that I can’t explain; I don’t even know it’s there until I put on the music and I feel complete.  You just have to listen to understand my feelings. Some of my other favorites consist of “The Avett Brothers,” “Rainbow Kitten Surprise,” (I know this name doesn’t sound good and you’ll think I’m crazy but you have to trust me on this one, they’re phenomenal.) and “The Brook and the Bluff.” These bands are all amazing and so talented in many ways. And seeing them all live, were some of the best moments of my life that I will never forget. I love all music and especially live music. To me, this genre of music is by far the best.