BFFs: Anelise McGee and Julia Shimkus


Charlie Knox, Staff Writer

How many years have you been BFFs?

Anelise: 5 years-ish

Julia: like 5 years


How did you first meet?

A: Girl Scouts when we were little

J: Girl Scouts


Did you click instantly, or did your connection grow over time?

A: clicked instantly, grew as best friends

J: it definitely grew over time


What do you like most about each other?

A: she’s a really good listener and super dependable

J: she is the most trustworthy person I know


Typical hangout?

A:  biking or being outside together and then we have really intense MarioKart tournaments, but I win ALL the time

J: bike riding or anything outside


Things you share?

A: we both love being silly and crazy around each other, trying new things like food, and badminton

J: we have a deep love for music and being outside and active


Weird habits?

A: She is an excessive Trader Joe’s shopper, ALWAYS wears shorts, and NEVER wears socks and shoes

J: She annoyingly clicks/taps pencil and NEVER takes her glasses off (unless she is sleeping)