Leo’s Oscar snubbs

Leos Oscar snubbs

Evan Medfisch , Staff Writer

Well, it’s happened. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is now Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Upon his recent victory, it’s probably worth looking back at Leo’s other nominations. Considering that his first nomination was over 20 years ago, he’s had a surprisingly long road to winning and academy award.

Though he had already performed on T.V. and in some small movies, DiCaprio gained his fame for his role in the 1993 film “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”. He portrayed an 18-year-old boy with special needs named Arnie Grape. His performance in this role earned him his first Oscar nomination at the young age of 20 for Best Supporting Actor.

Over the next several years, he starred in other widely popular films such as “Titanic”, “The Basketball Diaries”, and “Romeo + Juliet”. He was then nominated for Best Actor in 2004 and 2006 for his roles in “The Aviator” and “Blood Diamond” respectively.

The nomination that you probably remember is his Best Actor nomination for “The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)”. It was a huge surprise that he didn’t win for this portrayal of Jordan Belfort. It’s okay, though. When he came back to the Oscars, he came back in a big way. For his role in “The Revenant (2015)”, Leo played Hugh Glass, a fur trapper traveling in the wilderness. One of the most memorable scenes is when he was brutally attacked by a bear. That scene might have won him his award.

I’m very happy for Leo. He’s not only proved himself in award-nominated films, but also in films such as “Catch Me If You Can”, “Inception”, “The Great Gatsby”, “J. Edgar”, and “Revolutionary Road”. It’s about time that such a successful and prominent actor got his official recognition with an academy award!