Yusuf Zaimoglu
Grade: 12

Nickname: Who Are You, I’m Calling the Police, Brosef, Ziya (middle name), Ziya Baba, The Terrible Turk, Turkish Spongebob (google it), Goat Shepherd, That Kid, Bruh, Guy, Mayor of Lannach

Death Row Meal: buttered toast with honey, white rice, Kisir

Go-to Jam: “Alexander the Great” by Iron Maiden

Celebrity Crush: Milla Jovovich or John Frusciante

Movie Snack: tater tots sneaked in via fanny pack

Fav. Movie: Brat (1997)

What’s the Spot: The storm drain

Teacher Spirit Animal: Mr. Timko

Yusuf Zaimoglu

Yusuf Zaimoglu