Lilith Brothers
Name: Lillith Brothers

Nicknames: I respond to pretty much anything?

Grade: 11

Elementary School: Carnegie and Ross!

Favorite Movie: Oh geez don’t make me choose :(

Food Court Go-To: China Max is my home base baby!!! Love those noodles

First Song you Play on the Aux: I just spend the whole car ride trying to choose a song. I’m not allowed to have the Aux anymore.

Pet Peeves: People saying Lilly because I always think they mean me but it’s normally Lilly Roll. I’ve only been in one class with her and it’s only been like a day but I’m going crazy. Sorry Lilly.

Expected GPA for this semester: Like. 0. Can you get a 0 GPA? I can be the first and fail for research. Mom. Mom don’t ground me it was for research.

Funniest High School Memory: Bold of you to assume I can remember anything.

Lilith Brothers, Photo Team

Lilith Brothers