Emma Craft
Name : Emma Craft

Nicknames : Emptie, Emmers, Em

Grade : 12

Elementary School : The iconic sailboat, Ross Elementary

Favorite Movie : No movie will compare to Jersey Shore, sorry.

Food Court Go-to : Panera or Charleys. Probably both in the same day though. 

First Song You Play on the Aux- Hero (unplugged version, get it right) by Christopher Wilde from Starstruck

Pet Peeves : People stopping in the middle of the hallway for literally no reason at all and being mid-conversation over snapchat and then suddenly being left on delivered for 6 hours

Expected GPA : 0.00

Funniest High School Memory : Getting hit by a car in the student parking lot, and then being told it was Janene when it clearly wasn’t Janene

Emma Craft, Copy Editor

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Emma Craft