Brandon McEwen
Grade: Sophomore

Nickname: Dohne, Don, Little McEwen, McEwen

Death Row Meal: Medium rare steak with a side of St. Teresa Fish Fry’s mac n’ cheese

Go-to Jam: Roddy Rich’s “Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial” album or any country music, but only in the summer

Celebrity Crush: Ariana Grande or North Hills star kicker Nate Saul

Movie Snack: Popcorn, extra butter

Fav. Holiday: New Year’s Eve 

Fav. Movie: Superbad

What’s the Spot: Ichiban in Wexford or any Sheetz

Fav. Restaurant: Ichiban in Wexford

Teacher Spirit Animal: Mr. Woffington when he catches someone cheating

Brandon McEwen

Feb 04, 2020
Kobe Bryant (Story)
Brandon McEwen