Ben Swayze
Name: Ben Swayze

Grade: 12 

Nickname: Living Legend, Baller, 2 Cool 2 B 4Gotten

Death Row Meal: Force fed oats and bales of hay like a horse

Go-to Jam: 20 Minutes of Continuous “Disappointed Father” Sighs

Celebrity Crush: Brandon Pfab

Movie Snack: Me, myself, and I

Fav. Holiday: Big Daddy Pizza Wednesday

Fav. Movie: Dr. Barkovich’s Lady Gaga Music Video

What’s the Spot: The parking lot of Hal’s Bar and Grill

Fav. Restaurant: Babcock Sheetz at 10:45 on a Saturday

Teacher Spirit Animal: Mr. Bellissimo after I said the H-Word on the announcements

Ben Swayze, Public Relations

Oct 23, 2019
North Hills optimistic of a bright future even though their stars are fading (Story)
Ben Swayze