Name: Asia Neill

Nickname: Asha, Asa, Ahsya, Asian Eill, Nadia Hamilton (Virginia)  and Your-fav-tree.

Grade: 9999999

Elementary School: View West

Describe yourself in 3 words: I like sugar

Death row meal: MOUSSE MOUSSE MOUSSE @virginiamellinger

Travel Destination: PARIS

Food Court go-to: Soup in a bread bowl from Panera hehehe.

Favorite Quote: "FALSE" -DBesh (Yeah I can't think of one).

Greatest Accomplishment: One time I got first on Rainbow Road....

Fav NH Tradition: When Virginia brings me food at the beginning of Journalism.

Pet Peeve: When Virginia distracts me while I'm trying to fill out my Arrowhead Staff Profile.

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Asia Neill