Anna Aguiar-Kosicki

Anna Aguiar-Kosicki, Copy Editor

Name: Anna Aguiar Kosicki

Grade: 12

Greatest accomplishment: One time the official College Board twitter account favorited a tweet about me. It gave me hope for a better future.

Describe yourself in three words: I am a rebel

Favorite movie villain: Ursula

Celebrity crush: Matthew Gray Gubler or Aziz Ansari

Worst movie I’ve ever seen: Splice

Average hours of sleep a night: I either get 2 or 12. There is no in between.

Death row meal: Crab and filet mignon from Ichiban, a whole truck full of their noodles, literally anything in the trenta size from Starbucks just so I can say I once drank a trenta drink from Starbucks, and raspberry semifreddo with dark chocolate.

Fictional character crush: Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender or Hermione Granger

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Anna Aguiar-Kosicki