Abby Scheller

Abby Scheller, Sports Team

Nickname(s): Ab, Gail, Be 

Grade: 12th

Death Row Meal: French fries, hash browns, and mashed potatoes 

Go-to Jam: “Sofia the First Theme Song"

Celebrity Crush: Captain America 

Movie Snack: Shelby 

Fav Holiday: Christmas 

Fav Flick: Captain America (cause he’s hot) 

What’s the Spot: Shelby's hot tub 

Teacher Spirit Animal: The lunch ladies 

Pet Peeves: People chewing loudly, people who don’t make a right hand turn on a red light, freshman in my gym class, people with middle names that are Marie and then don’t tell anybody because it’s “embarrassing," when Britnee says she’s babysitting but doesn’t want to come over, when people bring up my middle school boyfriend, when people tell me to smile


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Abby Scheller