• May 17North Hills Girls 6 Bethal Park 4

  • May 11North Hills Lax 9 North Allegheny 8

  • May 11North Hills Baseball 10 North Catholic 2

Name:  Sean Nolan Nickname:  Shrek Marie Grade: 11 Elementary School:  The West View Elementary Describe Yourself in Three Words:  Boy, Sean, Afro Death row meal:  Monte Cello’s Steak and Ranch pizza with no onions, thick crust, extra ranch on the side and a thing of parmesan cheese Travel destination:  Los Angeles Food court go-to:  Chick-fil-a Favorite quote:  “The ceiling is the roof” Greatest accomplishment:  racking up three volleyball championships in freshman year Sports and Rec (shoutout Noah Marshalek and Aidan Segal) Favorite North Hills tradition:  overnight activities (oh, wait) Pet peeves:  when people pronounce is “li-berry”, Aidan Kelly, Sports and Rec warm-ups

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Nov 21, 2017
An Inside Look at Joey Pusateri (Story)