Meet Dr. D.

Dr. Dietrick with Duquense student Sam Ashaolu

Dr. Dietrick with Duquense student Sam Ashaolu

Drew Brown, Sports Editor

Throughout the past few months, the North Hills community has welcomed a new member. Dr. Kevin Deitrick is North Hills’ newest Athletic Director and Activities Coordinator. He has been welcomed with open arms by the North Hills faithful.

Dr. Deitrick was born and raised in South Hills. While attending Bishop Canevin High School, he played football, basketball, and golf. After graduating, he majored in history at Washington and Jefferson.

When first coming out of high school, Dr. Deitrick claimed his dream was to be a history teacher. He started his career as a history teacher at Upper St. Clair High School, and later moved on to North Allegheny. Between the two schools, Dr. Deitrick worked in several positions, such as administrator, assistant athletic director, coach, and social studies teacher.

After working for Upper St. Clair and North Allegheny, Dr. Deitrick later went on to work at Duquesne University, where he was very involved with the basketball team. He spent seven years at Duquesne and eventually joined the North Hills community this past year as the new athletic director.

“Everyone around here has welcomed me so well,” said Dr. Deitrick. “These first few months have been an absolutely wonderful experience.”

Dr. Deitrick is excited for the students and athletes here at North Hills and is looking forward to seeing the production of all the schools sports teams.

“Even though Western Pennsylvania is a football town, every sport is just as important as the others, as long as the students are playing in it,” explained Dr. Deitrick.

When asked about what his goals are as the new athletic director, Dr. Deitrick pointed out that he intends to produce great student athletes.

“I’m excited to watch all the teams around here play, and, of course, am looking forward to seeing all the great student athletes perform.”

Something that stood out to Dr. Deitrick that was different than other schools was the amount of pride that North Hills has.

“The amount of people that I have met who are proud to be from North Hills is more than any other area I’ve taught at,” explained Dr. Deitrick. “The amount of pride that ranges throughout North Hills is one of a kind.”

It won’t be hard to find Dr. Deitrick around the school. At most given times, he is in the hallways and lunch areas interacting with students and doing his best to feel at home, which hasn’t been a problem for him at all.

“Of all the jobs I have had, I’ve never felt at home faster than I have at North Hills.”

The North Hills School District is happy to welcome Dr. Deitrick and is very excited to see what he can accomplish as the new athletic director.

“Follow your heart and go for it,” said Dr. Deitrick at the conclusion of his interview. “Everything happens for a reason.”

Dr. D’s Favorites

Sport: all sports involving North Hills athletes

Restaurant: Primanti’s

Professional Athlete: Jack Nicklaus

Movie: Hoosiers

Book: anything by Stephen Ambrose

Do you have any pets?: No. I’m not home enough to be a responsible pet owner.

Fun fact about you: I have 6 older brothers and 1 younger sister.