Fall Hangout Ideas


Shelby Rick, Entertainment

Watch scary movies: Watching scary movies is the best thing to get you and your friend into the Halloween spirit, even if you may just have to sleep with the lights on that night. A great horror movie to watch is The Conjuring, which you can find on Netflix. 

Go to a haunted house: You need to go to at least one haunted house a year, it’s practically the law. Hundred Acres Manor Haunted House is a great place to go for lots of frights, but when you go, make sure not to be the slowest out of all your friends!

Go to a pumpkin patch: A pumpkin patch is a great place to get aesthetic Instagram pictures, pick out pumpkins to carve, and maybe go on a hayride or two. Sorgels has all of these fun fall activities, so head on over there before the season’s over!

Carving pumpkins: Carving a pumpkin is super fun and will give you a classic decoration for the fall season. You can look for the perfect pumpkin face on Pinterest. Print it out and tape it to the front of your pumpkin (that you picked out from the pumpkin patch!), then get to work!