Valentine’s Day Fits


Hannah Zeppenfeld

With Valentine’s Day coming up so soon you might have only been considering what to get your significant other. Did you ever think about the day and what you’re going to be wearing?? Well, here I am to the rescue because I am going to give some ideas to help you turn from a good 7 to a STRONG 10/10. This will probably be the only time of the year that you will want to wear pinks or red and that’s totally fine. First, let’s start with basics, are you more of a dressy type of gal/gent or are more on the casual side? 


Gal Choices:

Option 1: For more on the “dressier side,” you could wear a heart skirt paired with a white/black cardigan and red converses for a pop of color!

Option 2: A long sleeve black rose dress with black pumps

Option ¾: If you are not a fan of dresses, you can wear the skirt versions of both of these paired with a white or black tank/crop top with the same color cardigan and the same shoes that were paired with the outfits originally

Option 5: Either pink or red top with a pair of jeans of choice and white slip on vans or Nike Air Force 1’s

Gent Choice:

Option 1: Dark red or maroon crew neck with a pair of khakis and white vans

Option 2: For more on the “dressier side,” you can wear a red button up with black jeans and black dress shoes

Option 3: For a more layered look, you can wear a white long sleeve, a white button up, a red velvet jacket/coat, matching red velvet pants, and black dress shoes

Even though Valentine’s Day will be very different this year, you can still make the most out of it with your significant other and friends. Following all the right precautions, staying safe, and making the right choices all play a key factor. Even if you don’t have the love of your life to spend it with, go hangout with your friends and take cute Instagram pictures to show off how beautiful you are, guys too! If not, treat yourself with eating a box of chocolate or pampering yourself.