Holiday Activities


Jake Kucharski

While most places are closed or have restrictions this season, there are still many places that people can visit. There is a North Park light show by the North Park Pool, where people can drive in their cars and enjoy all there is on display. There are also many outside places where close contact can be avoided and there are still many fun things to do. Hiking or bike riding are still available to those who want to stay fit. Trails throughout North Park offer little contact with others and are still very enjoyable. The North Hills Ice Skating Rink is open. Most restaurants have ways to deliver food to their customers , so people can get a meal and still eat out at a place with little contact. The high school recently had a holiday display set up outside, although the lines were extremely long. Most activity locations have done their best to reopen with ways to keep everyone safe. Limited capacity and other restrictions allow most holiday festivities to continue. Holiday get-togethers with family members can continue as planned with limitations controlled by the families. It is important to not get let down or feel disappointed during the holidays. As much as Covid is trying to keep people down, there are still new and fun activities to partake in this holiday season.