What’s going on with hybrid? A Q and A with Mr Lesjack


photo credit: TribLIVE.com

Samantha Smith, News and Website Editor

On September 17th, the North Hills School Board voted to move to a hybrid model starting Monday, October 5th. With moving to the hybrid model there are many questions. Luckily, I had the chance to ask Assistant Principal Mr. Lesjack some questions about hybrid.

Q: Will all the food options be available in the cafeteria?

A: There will be three meal choices each day.  There will not be the Trading Post or any a la carte items.

 Q: What will the seating look like in the cafeteria? 

A: The same as it did when we came in during the first week of school- socially distanced seating with students facing the same direction.

 Q: Will there be a limit to how many students can be in the bathroom?

A: Yes.

 Q: What can students do if they see someone not listening to the mask rules, and what will the discipline be for students choosing not to listen to the rules?

A: We want students to be in school, and we know students want to be back in the building.  Wearing a mask to reduce the possibility of spreading COVID is the most important thing you can do to keep us in school.  We are treating masks similar to the dress code- we will first remind/ask the student to wear their mask.  If they refuse, then we will remove the student from the building.

 Q: How will picture day work?

A: TBD.  Seniors can contact Jim Scott Photography to schedule a time to get their senior picture taken.

 Q: Will there be a rescheduled Homecoming?

A: Also TBD.

 Q: Can clubs meet? Will there be club field trips?

A: Clubs can and have been meeting virtually.  All field trips are canceled at this time.

Q: Will there be bottles of water available since the water won’t fountains be in use?

A: The water fountains have been replaced with water bottle filling stations.  Students may bring their own bottles and fill them up.

Q: Will students go straight to 1st period rather than the cafeteria?

A: Yes.

 Q: Will there be a fall play this year?

A: I honestly don’t know this one- check with Mr. Cloonan and Ms. Sarazen.

Q: Will the spring tour still take place? Will there be team trips?