2020 Golf Q&A with Kit Bauer

2020 Golf Q&A with Kit Bauer

Nick Friday

Name: Kit Bauer

Grade: 11

Years playing golf: Less than 1

Q: How do you think your team will finish up this year?

A: I think we will end up losing all of our matches because our scores haven’t been very good.

Q: What have you done to be a leader this season?

A: I have kept a positive attitude.

Q: How have you performed this season? How has this impacted your team?

A: I haven’t performed very well this season, and I don’t think it has helped my team. However, I feel as if this is a good building year for the following season.

Q: Who has been your biggest rival this season, and what was the outcome of the match?

A: Shaler has been our greatest rival, and they have beat us every single time.

Q: Do you think you can build off of your success this season to do well next year?

A: I think that we can use this year as a building year to do better for next year and to see what we’ve been doing poorly.