Letter from the Editors 9/18/20


Vanessa Martocci and Grace Scheller

Hi, guys! If you don’t already know us, our names are Vanessa and Grace. We are part of the graduating class of 2021 and we are also your new Editors-in-Chief! And with the title of Editors-in-Chief, we have both decided to start the new school year doing our very best to provide you all with the most information about our school and its students, and we could not be more excited. Now, being seniors, we definitely know the ways of our school, its activities, and its classes. So, we are the perfect people to help you navigate your new school year online and in-person. We also recognize that considering this unprecedented time, one of our concerns is staying connected with you throughout the year and helping you adjust to the new school year, which is why we’re providing a few tips that we have found to be incredibly useful throughout our time here at North Hills.

Now that our hybrid schedule has been announced, there will be even more adjustments to make to our new situation. The new plan may not include seeing some of your friends in class, depending on your last name or the specific classes you have. A fun way to stay in touch with your friends is to take your online days (Wednesdays) with them. Get breakfast before class! If you have the same lunch period, meet up somewhere and talk. Pack up your schoolwork and spend the day in the park or a cute coffee shop, doing work while still enjoying your friends’ company.

Another part of the beginning of the school year we all miss is football games. Nothing beats standing in the crisp fall air in the student section at Martorelli on a Friday night with your friends. Just because we cannot be at the games does not mean we are done making memories, though. Invite your friends over and watch the live-streamed games outside. Set up a projector and get a little campfire going. Eat so much candy you feel like you are twelve years old again with your friends at a sleepover. You could even come up with a theme of your own each week. 

For many of our upper classmen, college is the next step; however, many schools are not offering in-person tours. A great way to still get a solid glimpse of your schools of choice is to take advantage of your alternative options. This includes obviously viewing their websites and the virtual college tours. It also includes reaching out to admissions counselors and asking them a few questions about what their universities have to offer. Questions concerning teacher-to-student ratio, intern opportunities, housing and meal plan situations, or anything that specifically applies to the major you are considering, are great ways to not only get a better look at your school, but also to get some conversation in with the staff at different schools. You can always ask friends and family who have previously toured or attended a certain school what they thought. If you have a free weekend, take a drive to the campus (if you can) and just drive, or walk around to get a feel for what it is like. As for the SATs, do not worry, most schools are test optional right now, which basically means if you do not have the opportunity to take them, it is no big deal. Honestly, who wants to take the SATs, anyway?

With all that being said, we truly hope that you can take some of this advice with you throughout your year. If you still feel lost or uncertain of what to do, don’t worry. We have plenty more articles and tips coming your way on how to deal with whatever year of high school you’re joining us for. We are so happy to be your new editors and we look forward to helping guide you. Stay tuned for more!