Mask Requirement in PA


Grant Mandell, Opinion

Stores and markets everywhere are now making customers wear masks when they go inside their establishments due to Covid19, mainly to protect their workers, but customers as well. In Pennsylvania, Action News 4 said this, “We are enforcing face mask requirements at essential businesses”. Workers are putting themselves at risk each day just by working and being in the store, so customers being alongside them should also be wearing masks. If one person decides not to wear a mask around everyone in a store, they could spread this disease around without even knowing it. Wearing masks when shopping for essentials could save a lot of lives and prevent the spread. 

Recently there was a protest against the request made by the governor to wear masks by citizens saying it is “against our freedom”. This request was made to save lives and try to attempt a slow down of the number of cases which, currently, are rising off the charts. Especially in Allegheny County, our number of known cases has gone up to 1,088 at the moment, April 23, 2020. This has gone up because of the protest, as everyone was not wearing any masks and exposed themselves to this virus. In my opinion, we should all wear masks, at least for the time being so we can all fight this together and knock it out once and for all.