Pirates Season Preview

Pirates Season Preview

Maria Chutko, Entertainment

As many know, the MLB season has been pushed back due to the Coronavirus. As sad as it is, it will only make the coming of the season more exciting than anticipated. Having high hopes that the MLB season will still take place, our Pittsburgh Pirates will be coming in this season with some new blood. Although the Pirates have had a bit of a rough few years, we never know what the future may hold, as some changes have been made, and a few new recruits have been scouted. So, why don’t we take a look into updates about what the Pittsburgh Pirates’ lineup and schedule may be looking like for this summer.

So far, here is a look at the Pirates anticipated lineup:


1. Adam Frazier 2B
2. Bryan Reynolds OF
3. Gregory Polanco OF
4. Josh Bell 1B
5. Colin Moran 3B
6. Kevin Newman SS
7. Jacob Stalings C
8. Jarod Dyson OF


Here is some information about a few of the new players on the team this year:

Jarrod Dyson– Jarrod Dyson is a 5’10” outfielder. He is 35 years old, and previously played for the Arizona Diamondbacks. He bats lefty and throws righty. Ranking sixth among National League center fielders, Dyson is also pretty speedy around the bases, as he stole 30 bases in 34 attempts in his last season. Dyson is expected to be the Pittsburgh Pirates’ center fielder this summer, as his defensive skills are one of his strong points.

Luke Maile- Luke Maile is a 6’3” catcher. He is 29 years old, and previously played for the Tampa Bay Rays and the Toronto Blue Jays. He bats righty and throws righty. He played baseball in college at Kentucky University, and he was drafted into the MLB in 2012. It has been said that Luke Maile will be the backup catcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Guillermo Heredia– Guillermo Heredia is a 5’10” outfielder. He is 29 years old, and previously played for the Tampa Bay Rays. He bats righty and throws lefty. He used to play in the Cuban National series, and pursued a contract with his first MLB team in 2015. It is predicted that Guillermo Heredia will be the fourth outfielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates this summer. 


The Pittsburgh Pirates also signed a new manager this year in replacement of Clint Hurdle. Derek Shelton is the Pittsburgh Pirates new manager. He jumped into the major leagues in 2005. He spent his past two years as one of the coaches for the Minnesota Twins. Also, he was a hitting coach for the Tampa Bay Rays from 2010-2016. Shelton quotes that ‘“It is going to be an exciting change in culture in our clubhouse. It is going to be a fun environment in which we will all be held accountable to each other.”’

It is very hard to tell when the season will start up again due to the Coronavirus, but there is still hope. Many of us have been waiting too long to root, root, root for our home team at PNC park, but there are still chances of the season still happening! All we can do at the moment is hope for the best, and get even more excited for when the season does come!