NFL Draft 2020 Analysis


Zak Klaczak, Sports

The biggest offseason event in football, NFL Draft, is only days away. This event is the beginning of the road for future hall of famers and legends. However, it is also the beginning of the road for great players to become forgotten and not perform to the level that was expected of them. Today I’ll take a look at some of the top prospects of this year’s draft and try to predict the trajectory of their careers. 


Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

Joe Burrow had an incredible season this past year, winning the Heisman trophy and the National Championship. But does one magical season make you a future great? For me, the answer is no. Up until this past season, Burrow had made no impact on the college football world. There’s little doubt that he will be the overall number one pick and end up in Cincinnati, but I’m not sure how good his career will be. I see Burrow having a good run, but I don’t think he will become an elite quarterback in the NFL.


Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama

This past season didn’t pan out exactly how anybody thought it would for Tagovailoa. He seemed like a Heisman candidate before a career-threatening hip injury occurred in the second half of the season. Tua made the decision to forego his senior season and enter this year’s draft. I think this is a huge mistake. Tua has shown a track record of being injury prone. This will only be magnified in the much more physical NFL. I think playing his senior season would have upped his stock and proven the doubters wrong. Also, I think his injuries will add up and no NFL team will want to take a chance on him at some point. Overall, I don’t see a bright future for Tua’s football career.


Chase Young, EDGE, Ohio State

Young was absolutely dominant with his relentless defensive attack throughout this past season. He was one of the most relentless pass rushers college football has seen in a long time. I see this dominance carrying over into the NFL. He reminds me a lot of Aaron Donald. If that doesn’t mean you’re not destined for greatness, I don’t know what is. Expect Young to be a really good defense player for whatever team he plays for.


Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon

Justin Herbert is coming off of a pretty good season with the Ducks as a Pac-12 champion. He was really consistent during this past season. This can lend itself well for Herbert in his NFL career. I think wherever Herbert ends up, he will be able to elevate that team to a higher level. I think he will be able to be a higher tier quarterback and possibly win a Super Bowl or two.


Jalen Hurts, OB, Oklahoma

Hurts had a very interesting college football career. From being replaced at Alabama to becoming a Heisman runner-up at Oklahoma, Hurts has shown a relentless pursuit of excellence. I believe that Hurts is an incredibly underrated quarterback in this draft and that he is bound to do great things in the NFL. I see him becoming a franchise quarterback, winning multiple Super Bowls, and possibly entering the Hall of Fame some day.