What’s “The Voice Box”?


Lillith Brothers, Digital Media & Design Editor

The Voice Box is a collection of poetry written by the students of North Hills High School. The idea was born when I (a journalism student) shared a poem with my mom and she told me about how in her high school there was a bulletin board in the art wing of her high school where anyone could put up their writing or art, with the only rules being no one can move another person’s art and not to be threatening or anything. Obviously, it can’t be that lax now, but The Voice Box is an attempt to update and continue this freedom of expression and creativity. 

Submit your poetry for The Voice Box to [email protected]

Some notes:

Try to keep it school appropriate.

You can request your poem to be anonymous.

Don’t start drama through this or use other people’s real names.

Although we’d love to post every poem, our content is still under the discretion of the school district, so we can’t guarantee your work will be posted.

There is a chance your submission will be in the printed Arrowhead, but this will only happen with your consent.

As of now we are only accepting digital submissions.

Thank you for your interest in The Voice Box!