Cuisine and Culture: Ramen Bar

Angelina Asturi

Pittsburgh has many different types of cuisine and cultures. One of the more popular ones are Chinese and Japanese. There are so many little restaurants in or near Oakland you have to try out. Ramen Bar is right outside of Oakland in Squirrel Hill. Ramen Bar is SO delicious! If you ever have the chance to go down there you have to try it out. If you love asian type of cuisine you would love this. They have a variety of foods from customizing your own bowl of ramen to Japanese fried rice. The prices aren’t very expensive at all. It ranges from $9-$15. The restaurants hours are Sundays-Thursdays from 12pm-10pm and Fridays-Saturdays from 12pm-11pm.

At the Ramen Bar, I thought the service was incredible. We were seated immediately and as soon as we walked in all of the staff up front greeted us. My server was very friendly. She got us our drinks right away and she was very helpful with telling us what everything is on the menu. She also gave good recommendations when we asked what her favorite dish is or what was the most popular dish. She was very courteous when it came to table check ins and giving us time to look at the menu. Our food came out relatively fast. Within about 15 minutes, she brought all of our food out.

The food was the star of the whole entire night. There were many things on the menu that you could choose from. There were many things like japanese fried rice, ramen noodle soups, mochi, dry and cold noodles, egg rolls, edamame, and gyoza. I specifically ordered vegetable ramen with shoyu (soy sauce base broth) and I added chashu (roasted pork). My ramen was incredible. It was so hot that you could see the steam coming off of the top of the bowl. The broth has so much flavor and the roasted pork and vegetables were so tender. The noodles were also cooked perfectly. The portion size was actually really big and it was super filling. The presentation was really pleasing because all of the colors from the vegetables were very vibrant and they assembled it very nicely with the pork right on top.

I thought that the ambience of the restaurant was really relaxed and super cozy. They had a lot of japanese culture kind of things like lanterns and photos and even writing on the wallpaper. It made you feel more comfortable because it was super casual and not fancy at all.

I would honestly recommend this restaurant to anyone who is willing to try new things or anyone who loves ramen. This place is so nice and I had such a great overall experience. I would recommend the Ramen Bar because the food is great, it isn’t very expensive, and the service is great.The atmosphere is really nice and welcoming and the people are also very nice.