Dave and Busters: Ideal Hangout Spot

Joshua Selzer

Sometimes I will ask my friends if they have any ideas where to go to hangout on a Friday or Saturday night. After one Wednesday night, I realized that I found the ideal hangout spot, and that is Dave and Busters. After spending too much time trying to figure out what to do a review on, I realized that Dave and Busters had recently opened in the Block Northway. Based on what I knew about Dave and Busters, I was excited to go there as it was. After I was done there, I was really excited to go back there. There was nothing that disappointed me, and the whole experience was one to remember.

What’s a good hangout spot without something fun to do? Dave and Busters has just that. With a whole variety of games to play and multiple bars for adults to drink as they please, Dave and Busters knows how to make your visit there a good one. There are also multiple sections for people to eat, which allows for a good amount of people. Now obviously there has to be tvs for people to get some entertainment while they eat, and there is usually a variety of stuff people can watch, such as sports shows, music videos and new shows.

Before going to any new restaurant, I always wonder what the food will taste like. So I decided to take a gander at the menu, and I was not disappointed by what I saw. They had a huge variety of food, ranging from appetizers to burgers to sandwiches to bigger dinners such as steak and pasta dishes. When I went to Dave and Busters, I can honestly say that I had one of the best burgers ever, one that they called the Super Stack, and it came with fries. It was so good that I had considered getting another one. I had to get something sweet, so I got a triple layer chocolate cake to top it off. When I was done eating, I was content and decided that I had to go back there again, but for something different.

But I can’t write a good review without mentioning the people that work there. I have nothing bad to say about my server. He was very friendly, and he seemed like he was very knowledgeable about the menu, specials etc. I needed a little more time to decide what I wanted to eat, because everything on a menu sounds good when you’re hungry, but he didn’t care. He came to our table while we were eating to make sure everything was alright, so basically, he was a good waiter.

So after the whole experience, I would highly recommend going to Dave and Busters on a Friday or Saturday night. For anybody that is looking for a good time, Dave and Busters is the right place. Everything about it is amazing, the food, games, service, atmosphere, you name it.