Mission Mahi

Danny Ritchey

Mission Mahi has the best cheap fish tacos in Pittsburgh. Mission Mahi is a food truck that travels all across Pittsburgh. I have been going to Mission Mahi for about 2-3 years now and it has yet to disappoint. They are cheap, delicious, and the wait time is reasonable. This is without a doubt one of the best fish tacos I have ever had.

Mission Mahi has been open since April of 2015. I personally have been going to Mission Mahi since the end of 2016 and I have never been disappointed. Every time I have gone to Mission Mahi the service there has always been high quality. They were always nice to you and they will be mean to you or give you any trouble. They have been so successful during the past couple years that they have opened up a restaurant in Cranberry. Whenever you walk into the restaurant you get this welcoming feeling that you don’t get from some other restaurants.

Most people won’t go to the food truck because they think that the food truck only serves fish tacos but that is not true. If you are not a big fan of fish tacos then you can substitute the fish for some chicken. I have gone to the food truck whenever they have ran out of fish so my mom and I had to get chicken instead. It tasted as good if not better than the fish tacos. I personally get “The Yinzer” it consists of blackened mahi, fries, coleslaw, and chipotle mayo. One of my favorite things on the menu for sure. You can also get “The Buffalo Yinzer” which is the exact thing, but the mahi or chicken is marinated in buffalo sauce. The tacos are somewhat pricey but compared to other places it is very cheap because you are getting the fish tacos, fries, and a drink for only $15. They don’t cut you short on the fish tacos either. They make sure you will be full whenever you finish. I have never regretted getting food from this place every time I have gone to this restaurant.

Overall Mission Mahi is booming, and will not stop booming for a while. If you want to have a great fish or chicken taco, and have great service and meet great people then Mission Mahi is the place for you. Not only are you getting great food, but are also getting a great experience.