Recap of the 2018 Midterm Election


Vanessa Martocci, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, November 6, 2018, the Midterm Election took place.

Mid-term elections occur every four years, half way through the presidents four year term. Here in Pennsylvania Conor Lamb ran against Keith Rothfus to represent the 17th district of Pennsylvania in the United States Congress. Lamb came out with the victory.  Bob Casey defeated Lou Barletta in the race for United States Senate. More local, Lindsey Williams beat Jeremy Shaffer to represent the 38th district in the Pennsylvania senate. Tom Wolf and John Fetterman ran for Pennsylvania governor and lieutenant governor and came out with a win over Scott Wagner and Jeff Bartos.

In an interview conducted with Lindsey Williams she stated it was “overwhelming” to win. “I’m still pinching myself,” she said. Lindsey said her top priorities include“more investment in public schools, jobs that are able to support families, and access to quality health care.” Her parents were always active with the government and that’s how she got her start. She was involved in student council in high school and student government in college. Her advice to young women who hope to become involved in government is,”Just get involved now. It’s never too early.”

Wolf and Fetterman’s priorities are to help senior citizens, fight for accessible health care and women’s rights, and strengthen the public school system. Conor Lamb hopes to fight the heroin crisis, improve jobs and infrastructure, allow everyone to have access to quality health care, protect air and water, and reform the student loan system. Bob Casey’s priorities are preserving Pennsylvania for future generations, equality in school and the workplace, protecting workers and families, strengthening health care, and providing quality education.