Seven Places to Start Your Summer

Seven Places to Start Your Summer

Asia Neill

Ah Pittsburgh. The city is crawling with creativity and hidden sites and you might not even know it! Here are some of the city’s most interesting attractions ((:

1. The Mattress Factory

One of my personal favorite places to visit in PGH is the Mattress Factory. Founded in 1977 the museum has been a place to feature artists. The museum gives artists a whole room as their canvas to present installations. This factory has completely changed Pittsburgh’s North Side. The once crime filled neighborhoods are now filled with art and continue to attract new people. Remember when you visit to go to each of the locations. The Factory has spread out all along the area, so check everything out. There is also a super cute cafe nearby! The wonders of the factory don’t stop here. If you are interested in the arts, check out their website for their teen driven programs. I highly recommend them. This eco-friendly museum puts on many awesome events, that are definitely worth checking out.

2. Randyland

Ever since 1995, Randy Gilson has brought out the meaning of happiness in his self made wonderland. The artist used to come home after waiting tables and paint to brighten his neighbors’ day. Now he brightens everyone’s days with his trendsetting colorful spot. A mirror wall, psychedelic stairs, a decorated map of the northside, and outdoor murals cover the museum, and the best part? Randy himself is almost always there to experience the joy he brings to Pittsburgh!

3. Bicycle Heaven

Do you like bicycles? Like really, really like bicycles? Well even if you don’t, you should still check out bicycle heaven. This non-profit museum includes floors and floors of bikes from vintage to brand new. Take pictures with the endless wheels and bring your friends along with you! Whether you bring in your bike for repair, or come to see the massive display, the bicycle museum is definitely a cool see.

4. Wood Street Galleries

The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust manages the galleries featuring works from art organizations around the globe. This gallery features lights and colors swirling around for your enjoyment. Bring your friends and family along with you and see art in new and unique ways.

5. Trundle Manor

House of wonder? Art house? Tourist trap? Whatever the Trundle Manor is, it sure is creepy. This exhibit consists of a collection of the weirdest things in Pittsburgh. Taxidermy, jarred specimen, medieval weapons and anything you could think of fills this place. If you like creepy things, this place is a must this summer.

6. The Bayernhof

Charles B. Brown III is an impressive name. What’s even more impressive? His giant 19,000 square foot house overlooking Sharpsburg! Completed in 1982, the castle like house has been a collection of music machines and secret passages. You heard me, SECRET PASSAGES! That’s right, hidden in this castle is secret passages leading to all sorts of places including a breathtaking swimming pool! This amazing location is a hidden gem of Pittsburgh available by reservation and $10. Bring your friends and see for yourself!

7. La Hütte Royal

From the outside this may just look like any old Pittsburgh house, but looks may be deceiving. This house is ANYTHING but ordinary. Evan Mirapaul, the owner of the dusty orange house will tell you what you can and can’t do inside the house, and then you are off to figure it out on your own. The house consists of rooms and rooms of weird trinkets, collections and bizarre decorations. Just make sure you’re not claustrophobic because you will be crawling through some tight spaces on your journey through the house!

Enjoy your city (: