Nathan Waters-Virgin, Print

Jahseh Onfroy, better known by the alias XXXtentacion, dropped a 5 song EP last night named “A GHETTO CHRISTMAS CAROL.”  He put on his Instagram hours before the release of the album that this will be the last music he drops before December 15, which is the date he goes to court for previous charges of domestic violence and many more charges put on him against the state of Florida.  The EP is short obviously but X uses his multi-genre talent to mash up different types of beats and songs creating something unique that he always does. Sadly this will possibly be the end of his career for he could be facing many years in the pen.  

The EP starts off with the title track, “A GHETTO CHRISTMAS CAROL.”  In this opening track X uses his voice to sing a catchy hook saying,” Through the day and night,” which he repeats throughout the song. He also uses the Christmas type theme by rapping about the city lights and ice.  Not the strongest track he released, but it follows up with a deep cut hate will never win. This was a previously leaked on Youtube, but he changes it up by adding a voice of Donald Trumps address on the Charlottesville protest and an added verse talking about his raw emotions towards what is happening to him in court.  XXXtentacion has done a great job with this song. The beat fits perfectly with the modality of his voice and his clean unique flow grasps the eardrums of the listener. The piano sound that create the melody of the song are common with deeper/emotional X tracks. He uses his talent in lyricism to critique “the man” and government officials that he feels are taking advantage of not only him, but other young Americans that have made mistakes in their lives.  

Following this track is song three titled “UP LIKE AN INSOMNIAC” (Freestyle).  He uses the metaphor up like an insomniac flexing that he is up, and made himself a rockstar just like an insomniac is up because they can’t sleep. Also he states at the end of the song that he freestyled in the studio to create it.  As I said earlier, X dabbles in many genres and in this song his uses his talents in screamo for lyrics that get the listeners very hyped up.

Song four is produced by RONNY J! Who has produced many XXXtentacion and Ski Mask the Slump God songs. The track is titled Red Light! And it one of the more trap sounding songs on the EP. The beat hits hard, X raps ignorant lyrics and he uses different tones and style for his voice that really show his diversity in music.  It is the shortest song on the EP at one minute and five seconds, but short, hard slapping songs are very common in Xs music. He draws you in for a short period but it is nearly impossible to turn them off replay.

The fifth and final track on the album is an alternative rock song titled Indecision. It starts begins with a simple guitar riff that maintains the melody though the whole song. He starts off with a verse using a soft alternative almost indie sounding voice but then comes in screaming the hook, “I QUIT.” This lyric is just showing that he really is emotional and just like the rest of us he can’t deal with all his problems because after all he is just human.  This was a interesting tracklist to listen to and hopefully XXXtentacion is able to release more music because amazing. This needs to be heard for years to come, but we will find out after December 15th, 2017.